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मध्‍य प्रदेश में बैंक शाखाओं का जाल - Banking Network in Madhya Pradesh

Banking Network in District: Panna (Total Branches : 73 )
Sr Block / Janpad Bank Branch Place Branch Type Open Date Contact No E-Mail Address IFS Code
Ajaygarh Central Bank of India Hardi Rural 17/06/1988 9630454550 bmsaga2718[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]i CBIN0282718
Ajaygarh State Bank of India Ajaigarh Semi Urban 18/07/1977 07730-278228 sbi[dot]02817[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0002817
Ajaygarh Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Ajaigarh (Pista) Semi Urban 26/12/1994 07730 - 278290 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM101
Ajaygarh Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Dharampur Rural 24/04/1984 07730 - 279820 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM102
Ajaygarh State Bank of India Beera Rural 10/07/1989 07730-279529 sbi[dot]09257[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0009257
Ajaygarh State Bank of India Khora Rural 17/03/2017 9926567333 sbi[dot]18989[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0018989
Gunour State Bank of India Harduwahi Rural 30/03/1992 07732-297597 sbi[dot]09740[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0009740
Gunour Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Amanganj (Tara Jharkua) Semi Urban 20/01/1995 07731 - 261348 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM103
Gunour Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Gunour (Sathaniya) Rural 26/12/1994 07731 - 262292 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM104
Gunour Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Mahewa Rural 17/08/1982 07731 - 264510 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM105
Gunour Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Saleha (Patan Tamoli) Rural 10/06/1983 07731 - 263463 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM106
Gunour State Bank of India Amanganj Semi Urban 24/07/1978 07731-261223 sbi[dot]02820[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0002820
Gunour State Bank of India Saleha Rural 31/03/1980 07731-263425 sbi[dot]03507[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0003507
Gunour State Bank of India Gunaur Rural 14/08/1980 07731-262208 sbi[dot]06255[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0006255
Gunour Central Bank of India Amanganj Rural 08/09/2012 8458807567 bmsaga4171[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]i CBIN0284171
Gunour Indian Bank (All.B) Near Block Officer,Sili Tiraha Semi Urban 31/12/2014 9891369244 Br[dot]Gunour[at]allahabadbank[dot]in ALLA0213250
Gunour District Central Cooperative Bank AMANGANJ Semi Urban 01/02/2000 7869801401 ccbamanganj[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000512
Gunour District Central Cooperative Bank GUNNOR Semi Urban 01/02/2000 7869801436 ccbgunnor[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000513
Panna District Central Cooperative Bank AJAIGARH Semi Urban 01/02/2000 9993789100 ccbpannaajaigarh[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000514
PANNA District Central Cooperative Bank BADA BAZAR Semi Urban 01/02/2000 9131005898 ccbbadabazar[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000515
Panna District Central Cooperative Bank DEVENDRANAGR Semi Urban 01/02/2000 9993796239 ccbpanna[dot]devendranagar[at]gmai DCCB0000516
PANNA District Central Cooperative Bank MAIN BRANCH Semi Urban 01/02/2000 7869801405 ccbmainbranch[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000517
Panna Bank of Baroda Chhatrashal Colony, Panna Semi Urban 23/03/2015 07732251011 panna[at]bankofbaroda[dot]com BARB0PANNAX
Panna Bank of Baroda-Dena Bank Panna Semi Urban 03/02/2015 07732250127 panna[at]denabank[dot]co[dot]in BKDN0811782
Panna Bank of India Panna Semi Urban 23/03/2011 07732-250096 panna[dot]raipur[at]bankofindia[dot]co BKID0009443
Panna Central Bank of India Panna Semi Urban 11/03/1982 07732-252052 bmsaga2158[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]i CBIN0282158
Panna Indian Bank (All.B) Panna (Court Road) Semi Urban 22/05/1979 07732-252083 br[dot]panna[at]allahabadbank[dot]in   ALLA0210821
Panna Indian Bank (All.B) Opp.Forest Office, Devendra Nagar Semi Urban 24/11/2012 07732-272321 Br[dot]Devendranagar[at]allahabadb ALLA0212721
Panna Canara Bank Panna Semi Urban 13/09/2013 07732250261 cb4114[at]canarabank[dot]com CNRB0004114
Panna State Bank of India Majhgawan Rural 14/06/1976 07732-271226 sbi[dot]04568[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0004568
Panna State Bank of India Kakrahati Rural 15/05/1978 07732-274235 sbi[dot]03262[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0003262
Panna State Bank of India Panna Semi Urban 05/02/2002 07732-250378 sbi[dot]03436[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0003436
Panna State Bank of India Devendranagar Semi Urban 31/05/1979 07732-272235 sbi[dot]02845[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0002845
Panna HDFC Bank BTI Road, Chowk, Panna Semi Urban 27/03/2015 07732251041 rajendra[dot]verma[at]hdfcbank[dot]com HDFC0004119
Panna IDBI Bank Panna Semi Urban 29/03/2014 89894-00594 ibkl0001595[at]idbi[dot]co[dot]in IBKL0001595
Panna ICICI Bank Panna Semi Urban 07/09/2013 07732250651 umakant[dot]yadav[at]icicibank[dot]com ICIC0002547
Panna Bank of Maharashtra Panna Semi Urban 11/01/2013 07732250044 bom1882[at]mahabank[dot]co[dot]in MAHB0001882
Panna Punjab National Bank Panna Semi Urban 14/03/2011 07732-250024 bo6598[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in PUNB0659800
Panna State Bank of India Panna (Rani Bagh)-M (SBBJ) Semi Urban 23/01/1947 07732-252025 sbbj10285[at]sbbj[dot]co[dot]in SBBJ0010285
Panna State Bank of India Panna Semi Urban 01/11/1964 07732- NA[at]xyz[dot]com SBIN0000447
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Barachh Rural 22/10/1984 9893211383 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM107
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Brajpur Rural 21/06/1982 07732 - 273213 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM108
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Ranibag (Madla) Semi Urban 10/02/1983 07732 - 252315 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM109
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Panna Semi Urban 28/11/1981 07732 - 252138 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM110
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Devendranagar Semi Urban 13/07/1987 07732 - 272515 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM111
Panna State Bank of India Panna City Semi Urban 02/02/2009 07732-252019 sbi[dot]12174[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0012174
Panna Madhyanchal Gramin Bank PahadiKheda Rural 13/02/2014 9893393995 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBINORRM246
Panna Canara Bank (Syndicate Bank) Panna Semi Urban 31/03/2012 07732250180 br7845[at]syndicatebank[dot]co[dot]in SYNB0007845
Panna Union Bank of India Panna Semi Urban 11/11/2010 07732-250102 cbspanna[at]unionbankofindia[dot]c UBIN0563706
Panna UCO Bank Panna Semi Urban 29/08/2016 07732250340 pannab[at]ucobank[dot]co[dot]in UCBA0003161
Panna Axis Bank BTI Road, Near SBI, Panna Semi Urban 11/02/2015 07732253676 pannabranchhead[at]axisbank[dot]co UTIB0002882
Panna Bank of Baroda-Vijaya Bank Near Gayatri Mandir, Panna Semi Urban 24/10/2016 07732252433 bm7685[at]vijayabank[dot]co[dot]in VIJB0007685
Panna State Bank of India Ward No.7, Govind Chowk Semi Urban 01/10/2005 8458814278 sbi[dot]30436[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0030436
Panna State Bank of India Raghvendra Market, Gandhi Chowk Semi Urban 30/12/1899 0 SBI[dot]31285[at]SBI[dot]CO[dot]IN SBIN0031285
Pawai Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Mudwari Rural 01/02/2016 7898654126 rochhatarpur[at]mgbank[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0RRM296
Pawai State Bank of India Muhandra Rural 18/02/2013 7733266410 sbi[dot]15311[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0015311
Pawai Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Mohendra Rural 11/12/1982 07733 - 266454 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM112
Pawai Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Pawai (Mudwari) Semi Urban 22/12/1994 07733 - 268332 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM113
Pawai State Bank of India Pawai Semi Urban 28/03/1980 07733-268223 sbi[dot]02883[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0002883
Pawai State Bank of India Simariya Rural 28/02/1978 07733-269608 sbi[dot]05496[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0005496
Pawai Central Bank of India Simariya Rural 12/01/2012 8458807585 bmsaga4174[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]i CBIN0284174
PAWAI District Central Cooperative Bank PAWAI Semi Urban 01/02/2000 9993490924 ccbpanna[dot]pawai[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000518
PAWAI District Central Cooperative Bank SIMARIYA RURAL 01/02/2000 7869801403 ccbsimariya[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000519
Shahnagar District Central Cooperative Bank RAIPURA Semi Urban 01/02/2000 9993594859 ccbraipura[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000520
SHAHNAGAR District Central Cooperative Bank SHAHNAGAR Semi Urban 01/02/2000 7697487608 ccbshahnagar[at]gmail[dot]com DCCB0000521
Shahnagar Central Bank of India Badhwar Kalan Rural 25/06/1987 07734-296020 bmsaga2625[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]i CBIN0282625
Shahnagar State Bank of India Raipura Rural 30/04/1979 07734-267593 sbi[dot]06062[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0006062
Shahnagar State Bank of India Shahnagar Rural 30/05/1978 07734-265240 sbi[dot]03508[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0003508
Shahnagar Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Bisani Rural 24/09/1982 07731 - 280289 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM114
Shahnagar Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Shahnagar (Bori) Rural 02/02/2016 07734 - 265291 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM115
Shahnagar Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Raipura(Hardua Khamhariya Rural 23/12/1994 07734 - 267556 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM116
Shahnagar Madhyanchal Gramin Bank Hardua patel Rural 13/02/2014 9302259727 mbgbrochhatarpur[at]gmail[dot]com SBIN0RRM247
Shahnagar State Bank of India Purena Rural 06/11/1989 07734-265830 sbi[dot]09745[at]sbi[dot]co[dot]in SBIN0009745

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