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मध्‍य प्रदेश में बैंक शाखाओं का जाल - Banking Network in Madhya Pradesh

Bank Branch of Andhra Bank (Total Branches : 33 )
Sr District Block / Janpad Branch Place Branch Type Open Date Contact No E-Mail Address IFS Code
Bhind Bhind Lashkar Road, Bhind Semi Urban 25/07/2015 07534240455 bm2760@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002760
Bhopal Phanda Shahpura Urban 27/03/2014 0755-2427761 bmlck2203@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002203
Bhopal Phanda T T Nagar Urban 22/06/1967 0755-2554001 bmlck0047@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0000047
Bhopal Phanda R.R. Labs, Bhopal Urban 22/03/2006 0755-2612768 bmlck1316@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001316
Bhopal Phanda MP Mining Br.,Ashoka Grdn Urban 11/09/2008 0755-2750597 bmlck1527@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001527
Bhopal Phanda MPHB, Ayodhya Nagar Urban 19/02/2009 0755-2750597 bmlck1528@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001528
Bhopal Phanda M P Nagar Urban 26/03/1998 0755-2550783 bmlck1012@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001012
Burhanpur Burhanpur Lalbag, Burhanpur Semi Urban 21/11/2016 07325255044 bm3059@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0003059
Dhar Dhar M G Road, Dhar Semi Urban 25/06/2013 07292-236007 bmlck2037@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002037
Gwalior Morar City Centre Urban 19/03/2014 0751- bmlck2204@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002204
Gwalior Morar Madhav Ganj Urban 03/06/1978 0751-2424748 bmlck0168@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0000168
Hoshangabad Hoshangabad ITI Road, Hoshangabad Semi Urban 27/11/2012 07574-257047 bmlck1909@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001909
Indore Indore Vijaya Nagar, Indore Urban 23/11/2012 0731-2551496 bmlck1910@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001910
Indore Mhow Station Road, Rau Semi Urban 28/06/2013 0731-2856572 bmlck2036@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002036
Indore Indore Ravishankar Nagar,AB Road Urban 04/12/2004 0731-2571790 bmlck1244@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001244
Indore Indore Chhawani Main Road Urban 10/07/2009 0731-2705623 bmlck1658@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001658
Indore Indore Narsingh Bazar, Indore Urban 26/09/1977 0731-2436652 bmlck0234@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0000234
Indore Indore Airport Road Urban 18/03/2015 07312623399 bm2529@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002529
Indore Mhow A B Road, Mhow Semi Urban 19/03/2014 bmlck2191@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002191
Indore Indore Usha Nagar, Indore Urban 19/03/2014 0731- bmlck2201@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002201
Indore Indore Sapna Sangeeta Rd Urban 26/03/2014 07312463368 bmlck2202@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002202
Jabalpur Bargi (Jabalpur) Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur Urban 26/03/2014 0761- bmlck2200@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002200
Jabalpur Bargi (Jabalpur) Malviya Chowk, Jabalpur Urban 21/07/1977 0761-2400472 bmlck0266@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0000266
Katni Katni Katni Urban 12/08/2009 07622-230023 bmlck1701@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001701
Khandwa Khandwa Padava, Khandwa Urban 30/11/2015 07332243001 bm2782@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002782
Narsinghpur Narsinghpur Shastri Ward, Narsinghpur Semi Urban 25/04/2013 07792-234505 bmlck2084@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002084
Narsinghpur Gotegaon Gotegaon Semi Urban 02/01/2016 7794283939 bm2743@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002743
Rewa Rewa Samam Tiraha Rewa Urban 30/06/2015 7662230334 bm2698@andhrabank.in ANDB0002698
Sagar Sagar Gujrati Bazar, Sagar Urban 12/08/2009 07582-227350 bmlck1693@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001693
Satna Satna (Sohawal) Pushraj Colony, Satna Urban 12/08/2009 07672-228448 bmlck1694@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001694
Sehore Sehore Ganga Ashram, Sehore Semi Urban 26/11/2013 07562-224499 bmlck2045@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0002045
Ujjain Ujjain Kamla Nehru Marg,Freeganj Urban 12/08/2009 0734-2513032 bmlck1656@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001656
Vidisha Vidisha Hospital Rd, Vidisha Urban 02/07/2013 07592-234009 bmlck1936@andhrabank.co.in ANDB0001936

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